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Better Health, Increase DNA Strands, Increase Your Frequency, Increase Consciousness, Restore Your Abilities, Move Through this World Easily, Sell or Rent Your Property Faster, Remove Unwanted Entities/Energy, Begin De-Aging

Do you want to

Have Better Health?
Increase DNA Strands?
Increase Your Frequency?

Increase Consciousness?
Restore Your Abilities?
Move Through this World Easily?
Sell or Rent Your Property Faster?

Remove Unwanted Entities/Energy?
Begin De-Aging?

Now is the time to cleanse the body and spirit of all the energies and blockages that keep us bound in 3D. 

The clearing that I do will open the door for you to bring in the energies of 5D.

We have found that these clearings raise frequency, increase DNA strands, increase telomere length,  begin the process of de-aging and take you on the path to perfect health.


I will remove all implants, tracking devices, blockages (including blockages to cash flow), spells, hexes and other witchcraft, demonic and other non-beneficial entities,...
Single Ascension Clearing
30 min
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