Obtain Better Health, Increase DNA Strands, Increase Your Frequency, Increase Consciousness, Restore Your Abilities, Move Through this World Easily, Sell or Rent Your Property Faster, Remove Unwanted Entities/Energy, Begin De-Aging


I have been a natural health consultant for 16 years.  I have been trained in many forms of energy healing, work with advanced healing technology and I perform energetic testing out of my office.

I began working with energetic clearing approximately 10 years ago when I realized that I had trapped the soul of a friend who had died - in between worlds - due to my tremendous mourning.

Since that time I have moved tens of thousands of souls from the astral and lower fourth dimension into the higher realms where they belong.

I also began to remove darker energies from people and places, entity attachments, etheric cords, etc.

Through my years of doing this, I found that there are lower frequency beings (which look like humans, but do not have souls) which seem to host 4th dimension darker beings that attack souled people of the Light.  These beings account for more than 50% of the population.

This took me to more clearing techniques which really help with the ascension process.   I can't do all the work for you; you must take responsibility for your own spiritual health.  I just open the doors for you to continue the work.  This clearing is a gift from Creator Source.

I work with the angelic kingdom, benevolent galactics and, in particular, Archangel Michael.


Archangel Michael