DNA upgrade, ascension clearing, increase telomere length, agre regression, perfect health

Ascension Clearing by Suzanne

Obtain Better Health, Increase DNA Strands, Increase Your Frequency, Increase Consciousness, Restore Your Abilities, Move Through this World Easily, Sell or Rent Your Property Faster, Remove Unwanted Entities/Energy, Begin De-Aging


I scan and eliminate many issues, including implants, blockages between you and Creator Source, A.I., different types of entities, etc.  Altogether, there are over 65 different issues I address.   I look for aura weaknesses and holes; implants, tracking devices, entity attachments, blockages between you and Creator Source; etheric cords from compromised people; energy attacks, witchcraft, A.I., black goo and much more.

You may or may not feel anything when I do the clearing.  Those who are sensitive to subtle energies will find a lightness that they never felt.

Drink lots of pure water in the days and weeks that follow to flush out any toxins that may be released from your cells as your body begins to upgrade.

Energetic testing has shown that most people immediately download extra pairs of DNA, and this continues each day going forward.  The DNA connects with the body's energy system as the body can handle it.   It can take weeks or months for the DNA to connect, so don't get too anxious.   This is etheric DNA which will begin to upgrade the body to a 5/6/7 dimension form, depending on each person, and how far they are supposed to go.

We are finding that the DNA telomeres in the physical body begin to extend - this means life extension.

We are also finding that each person's life force upgrades to 100% capacity.  Until I started to do these clearings, I never found anyone who had 100% life force.

As your DNA begins to reconnect, you may find that you are extremely tired.   This is just your body's way of allowing the healing to take place.

You may feel waves of love, but also find that old issues will come up to heal.  Face these issues as soon as they come up - forgive any who have hurt you, and forgive yourself.   You may begin to view the world around you differently and feel that you are watching from the outside in and are no longer part of the drama.   You may begin to reject 3D society, TV, etc.  You are becoming a 5D human!

As time goes on, you should start seeing age regression, a return of psychic abilities and perfect health.

I have been given this gift from Creator Source who has urged me to get this out to as many people as possible.

If you are already preparing yourself for ascension, this will be a huge leap, as I address many blockages that most people are not aware of.

I do the work remotely at times when I feel it is most beneficial for you.  You do not have do anything on your end while I am doing the clearing.

I am, however, only opening the door for you.  You must continue to work at being at peace and joy at all times, forgive yourself and others, and do the appropriate cleanup work that will allow you to move forward.

When I clear a property, I will need an address; what kind of property it is - home, business, rental, for sale; the names of any people that live or work there; and anything else that you may feel is pertinent.

Thank you to Creator Source, Archangel Michael and all the angelic kingdom, and benevolent galactics that are helping our planet ascend.

Much love to you all!