"I just used my SUPERAntispyware  this morning and it found 48 threats and was so glad to be able scan and clean them up before my computer would not  be working at full speed!  Well that is why I called you the other day when I was not sure why I was not feeling very well and you found 34 entities.  You scanned and cleaned them up!  I immediately felt so much better!  I got back my mojo!

I do not know anyone else that does this and would love to share this much needed service of entity cleaning.   You do it so fast as well as complete.


Thanks so very much Sue you rock!"

~ CS

"I would highly recommend Suzanne's services.  She has removed entities from me and my house many times over the years.  Immediately, I can feel the difference in energy in my house and on myself.   I can feel the energy when displaced entities are around.  I feel heavy and seem to get ill more frequently when they're around.  She does it all remotely & I'm across the country from her.  She is truly a ghostbuster!    ~ JS

"I had health issues that I just couldn't resolve.  I worked with Suzanne on my emotions and within hours and days, I began to feel better.  I understand that emotions can cause health problems, but I didn't realize that releasing old emotions could clear up my health so quickly.  Thank you, Sue!" ~ DM





"My husband and I were extremely tired.. it had been a very exhausting few months. We were introduced to Suzanne through a very good friend of mine who had mentioned she had received amazing results through Suzanne's gifts!


I spoke briefly with her  and she agreed to work with our energy. The feeling of revival was almost immediate. My husband mentioned that he had never felt so light, and myself, I felt like I had had a well deserved vacation... needless to say, I felt so great!


My energy levels were up for quite some time... and all I have to say is WOW thanks to Sue!


She's a beautiful soul with much love to share. I've never experienced anything quite like this... but I'm in for more, that's for sure!


Thanks for being there for us.. You have no doubt an AMAZING gift! You are loved,"  ~ JL


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